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This game looks really cool and I want to try it, but I'm not that tech-savvy. 

I downloaded Release.7z and installed XNA Framework 4.0.

 Extracted Release.7z via winrar and tried to run The simulator.exe (which I assume is the game), but it just brings up a console that repeatedly says 'Linguistic output test' and doesn't take input.

If I installed it incorrectly, what is the correct way to install and run the game?


(Oh i haven't worked on this for quite a while)That is just a loading screen. Try hitting enter also?

Thank you for coming back and helping me.

Well, i tried enter/clicking/pressing random keys/trying to see if the menubar had any options, but nothing worked.

The linguistic output test line keeps getting displayed again and again and again. I gave it 5 minutes in case in was supposed to be a really long loading screen, but still the same thing.

The game looks really cool and i want to try it, but I can't get past that screen.

Do you think you could write a few lines for an idiot-proof guide to downloading, installing  and running it?


So, the downloads keep failing for me. Keep getting a "network error" message,

I'll try to solve that...

Have you tried that "alternative download" checkbox?

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EDIT: I lied. Both normal, and alternate failed. Normal just took longer to fail, and alternate failed immediatly.

Try this:

(document.pdf is the manual

release.7z is the jam version

debug.7z is the stress test version)

Em you're not in China right? If you are I can share them on Baidu Netdisk.

If you have any suggestions please jest put them in comments or mail me


Those links seemed to work. :) I'll give it a go when Ive got the time. Thanks!