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**This game is originally made for the Fermi Paradox Jam in 16. It has not been updated for 1.5 years and the source code is pretty messed up right now. The latest playable version is the 9.15 update. If I can find time, I'll remake the game in Unity in the future.

1 shackled mind

3 classes of starships

6 industrial server modules

Thousands of desperate souls

How far can you reach into the stars?

About The Game

LOCUST is a micro rogue-like 4X strategy game featuring procedually generated enemy races, ship-designing and resource management. The game is inspired by Ender's Game and The Three Body Problem.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

ISEDF Neutral Interface Manual 47 kB
Release.7z 6 MB
9.15.2016 Proformance Test& "Dogfight" AI Build (with 1184 friendly units) 6 MB


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It just says linguistic output test

Oh just wait for a bit and it'll say other stuff

Also the game is screwed up now...

Alright. Your game looks pretty cool even if I haven't even played it yet

Thanks! Great to hear that! I was about to make it something fast and random, but didn't have time to work on it. Maybe after graduating or something.

This game looks really cool and I want to try it, but I'm not that tech-savvy. 

I downloaded Release.7z and installed XNA Framework 4.0.

 Extracted Release.7z via winrar and tried to run The simulator.exe (which I assume is the game), but it just brings up a console that repeatedly says 'Linguistic output test' and doesn't take input.

If I installed it incorrectly, what is the correct way to install and run the game?


(Oh i haven't worked on this for quite a while)That is just a loading screen. Try hitting enter also?

Thank you for coming back and helping me.

Well, i tried enter/clicking/pressing random keys/trying to see if the menubar had any options, but nothing worked.

The linguistic output test line keeps getting displayed again and again and again. I gave it 5 minutes in case in was supposed to be a really long loading screen, but still the same thing.

The game looks really cool and i want to try it, but I can't get past that screen.

Do you think you could write a few lines for an idiot-proof guide to downloading, installing  and running it?


So, the downloads keep failing for me. Keep getting a "network error" message,

I'll try to solve that...

Have you tried that "alternative download" checkbox?

(1 edit)

EDIT: I lied. Both normal, and alternate failed. Normal just took longer to fail, and alternate failed immediatly.

Try this:

(document.pdf is the manual

release.7z is the jam version

debug.7z is the stress test version)




Em you're not in China right? If you are I can share them on Baidu Netdisk.

If you have any suggestions please jest put them in comments or mail me sajuuks.wrath@gmail.com


Those links seemed to work. :) I'll give it a go when Ive got the time. Thanks!